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Offshore AIS Beacon


AIS Beacon Type IIS is designed to operate in conformance with ITU-R M.1371, IEC62320-2 (CDV) and IALA Recommendation A-126 on the use of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) in Marine Aids to Navigation. The module supports AIS VDL messages 6, 8 and 21.

Message selection and transmission schedule is user configurable. It is is designed for battery and solar installations and have an power consumption less than 0.7W @ 12V. Installed on an AtoN, is provided to both the mariner and authority.

This information includes;

  • AtoN’s identification (MMSI)
  • Name of AtoN
  • On or Off position indication
  • Position accuracy
  • AtoN type and size
  • Telemetry, meteorological and hydrological data will be broadcast if interfaced to the appropriate sensors.
AIS Beacon Type IIS is capable of third party integration (LED Flashers, Lantern / Lamp changers, solar load, etc.). In addition to supplying AIS information, it can also be used to provide a remote monitoring system. Message 21 could include telemetry statuses, using the regional or local application data field. Internal event setting can be used, which is user configurable. Additionally message 6 and 8 could be used for this purpose.


Application : ATON - Offshore oil/gas rig - Offshore Windfarm 
IP Rating  : IP67 
Power Supply  :12-24 Vdc 
Temp range  : 25C to +55C 
Power Consumption  : 0.1Ah/day 
Interface  : USB for configuration 
Diameter  : 1235mmx188mm 
Weight  : 1,2KG