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Ten mile LED signal lantern

IML 250

The IML 250 is a ten-mile, advanced LED beacon. The light source comprises high intensity LEDS with precision reflectors and horizontal scattering lenses, which provide consistent horizontal divergence. Housing and top are painted with two layers of high impact polyester powder (signal grey). Provisions are made for air pressure equalisation and to prevent moisture from entering the casing.

For synchronising additional lanterns, the flasher has hard-wired input/output connections. The lantern can synchronise with the ITO sync GPS receiver. Compared to conventional signal lanterns, this beacon has low maintenance costs, affords excellent emitted light intensity with regards to power consumption, offers LED long life expectancy and is highly reliable.


Application : Offshore platforms, landfall beacons, harbour lights
Lens material/type : Acrylic type PMMA250
Lantern housing : Marine grade aluminium
Birdspike : Polyethylene
LED type : High intensity, red, green, orange and white
Life expectancy : Approx. 100,000 hours
Flasher : Infrared remote control for setting LED current (5 metre range) and the
    221 pre-programmed IALA flash codes. Daylight sensor can be field set.
Electrical parameters : Battery voltage and day/night switching point can be read
Connection : Screw terminal block
Cable entry : PG 13.5 cable gland
Daylight switch : Internally placed
Horizontal spread : 360 degrees
Vertical divergence : > 2.5 degrees at 10% of I max
Maximum intensity : 2,400 candela with one LED array
Power consumption : 32.4 watts with a fixed character at maximum intensity
Visibility at T= 0.74 : Depending on range setting
Voltage range : 12-34 volt DC
Protection class : IP68 (design)
Mounting : 4 holes of 15 mm on a 200 mm pitch circle
Weight : 6.7 kg