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Leading light

NS 300 Up to 24NM

A high intensity leading light for marine signalisation. Different divergence angles can be factory set via filters and reflector adjustments. The light source is formed from high intensity LEDs, each having its own reflector and optics. Light output can be set according to visibility.

A membrane is incorporated into the housing for air pressure equalisation and to prevent moisture from entering the casing. Levelling/ aligning can be made with a riflescope for which attachment provisions exist. As no lamp changes are required, maintenance costs are a fraction compared to lamp based leading lights.

Horizontal adjustment 360 degrees, vertical adjustment 20 degrees.


Application : Harbour entrance leading light
Lens material : PMMA/glass
Base material : Marine grade cast aluminium ALMG3 with
    2 layers of high impact epoxy coating
Base material : Stainless steel
Colour : Signal grey RAL 7042
Power consumption : Max. 100 watt
Power supply : 12-30 volts DC
LED life expectancy : Min. 100,000 hours
Emitted light : White, red, green, yellow
Connection : Screw terminal
Cable entry : Cable gland PG 13.5
Horizontal light spread : Depending on divergence filter and reflector adjustments
Intensity : Depending on divergence and colour, max. 550,000 candela
Mounting : Suitable for mounting on a 60 mm pole
Protection class : IP66
Weight : Approx. 10 kg