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Self contained solar powered LED beacon

SPB 300 AL350

The SPB300-AL350 is both versatile and cost-effective. This selfcontained solar powerd Area light beacon is compact, self- contained.

The beacon is designed to operate without servicing/maintenance for up to five years. Charge characteristics in dark conditions are superb. Due to its compactness, the beacon is especially suited for regions with low sun irradiation.


Application : Area Light, Docks, Windfarm, Waterway signs, Harbors
Material : Self-coloured polyethylene
Colour chromacity : Traffic Grey
Battery : 2pcs 110Ah – 12Vdc, charged by 3 integrated 18watt solar generators
Solar Panel : 3x 18Watt Piek
Power consumption : Depending on setting
Weight : 85 Kg