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Francis Lacombe

Francis Lacombe joined Technostrobe as Vice-President in 2008. He was responsible for business strategy in Canada and internationally, as well as mergers and acquisitions - including the project that culminated in the purchase of the Dutch company, ITO Navaids, in 2018. He became President of the company in 2021 and continues to head business development and government relations in a highly regulated sector. In 2020, Technostrobe's turnover was 12 times higher than in 2008.

He is a seasoned, trilingual manager with 29 years' experience in management, sales and marketing, in both the industrial and service sectors. Among his many skills, Francis is recognized for his ability to lead teams, achieve business objectives and build trust and confidence.

“ITO Navaids and its team of dedicated employees have enabled us to open a new market in Europe, seize new and exciting business opportunities in marine navigation aids, and offer a comprehensive range of solutions in the emerging market of obstruction lighting for offshore wind farms.”


Mark de Ruiter

Mark de Ruiter is Vice-President of Operations of ITO Navaids and has held various leadership roles since 2001 within the business, which was founded in 1993 by his father, Dries. Dries de Ruiter’s mission was to serve the complex needs of the Dutch Coast Guard. Mark successfully developed the company to offer design, production and maintenance of navigation aids for clients all over Europe.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mark de Ruiter is a solution-oriented manager who strongly believes in teamwork. He also has an uncanny ability to help people achieve their goals. Since 2018, he has ambitiously taken on the challenge to continue to grow the business worldwide within the Technostrobe family of companies.