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Self contained solar power pack

SPB 300 PP

The SPB300-PP is both versatile and cost-effective. This selfcontained solar power Pack is compact, self-contained.

The power pack is designed to operate without servicing/maintenance for up to five years. Charge characteristics in dark conditions are superb. Due to its compactness, the power pack is especially suited for regions with low sun irradiation. Suitable to fit ITO brand lanterns or equivalent type of lanterns, Racons, AIS module Compatible with all other brands.

Option: Date Calendar Module type ICM365. Power output by means of date calender operational time by means of the GPS Timer, On and off per calender day set by infra red remote control


Application : Windfarm, Offshore rig, Buoys, Harbors
Material : Self-coloured polyethylene
Colour chromacity : Traffic Grey
Battery : 2pcs 97Ah – 12Vdc GEL, or 2 pcs 110Ah AGM charged by 3 integrated 18 watt solar generators
Solar Panel : 3x 18Watt Piek
Date Calendar Module : As option
Weight : 80 Kg