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Four mile emergency wreck marking lantern


The IML 200 WML is an advanced LED beacon comprising two scattering lenses that provide consistent horizontal divergence. The light sources are formed through horizontal high intensity LEDs, providing a range of four nautical miles. The top of the lantern functions as a heat sink. A membrane is incorporated into the base for air pressure equalisation and to prevent moisture from entering the casing.

The flasher has a charge regulator and remote control. Additional lanterns can be synchronised via GPS receiver. Advantages include the large vertical divergence, the intensity of the emitted light with regards to power consumption, LED long life expectancy and high reliability.


Application : Emergency wreck buoys
Lens material/type : Acrylic type PMMA200
Lantern base : Polyurethane
Lantern top : Marine grade aluminium
Birdspike : Stainless steel spring-type
LED type : High intensity, yellow and blue
Life expectancy : Approx. 100,000 hours
Flasher : Charge regulator and infrared remote control for setting
    the flasher daylight sensor points and lantern ID.
Electrical parameters : Battery voltage and day/night switching point can be read
Connection : PUR cable, standard 3 metre length
Cable entry : Cable gland, brass, nickel plated
Daylight switch : Internally placed
Horizontal spread : 360 degrees
Vertical divergence : > 24 degrees
Max. intensity : 60 candela
Voltage range : 12-30 volt DC
Protection class : IP66
Mounting : 4 holes of 15 mm on 200 mm BCD
Weight : 5 kg