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AtoN Radar reflector


Radar reflectors increase the backscatter capacity of navigational aids. This six-corner reflector with optimal reflection features has a superb radar cross section (the determining factor of radar performance) and a high value relative to diameter. The backscatter diagram is virtually omni-directional in the azimuth plane (0 to 360 degrees) and in the vertical plane (over a range of 30 degrees).

The construction is extremely sturdy, so the reflectors can be easily integrated within the superstructure of buoys/beacons and can support a marine signal lantern, or a self-contained solar powered LED beacon. Available in three sizes. Dimensions depend on the range of the echo desired and the mounting height.


Application : Radar reflector
Material : Stainless steel AISI 316 or seawater resistant aluminium
Weight : 5 kg (stainless steel)