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Medium range ice buoy lantern


The IML 200 IB LED signal lantern is designed for harsh Arctic environments. Extremely robust and having a low profile, it has a scattering lens for consistent horizontal divergence (horizontally placed high intensity LEDs). Light output can be programmed according to visibility. The base and top function as a heat sink, and the lantern can be remotely controlled.

For synchronising additional lanterns, the flasher has a hard-wired input/output connection. Power supply cable comprises marine-grade polyurethane. Compared to conventional lanterns, this lantern has a large vertical divergence, better intensity of emitted light with regards to power consumption, LED long life expectancy and is highly reliable.


Application : Buoys
Lens material/type : Acrylic type PMMA200
Lantern base : Bronze
Lantern top : Bronze
Birdspike : Stainless steel spring-type
LED type : High intensity, red, green, orange and white
Life expectancy : Approx. 100,000 hours
Flasher : Infrared remote control for setting LED current (10 metre range) and
    any of the 256 pre-programmed IALA flash codes.
    Daylight sensor can be field set.
Electrical parameters : Battery voltage and day/night switching point can be read
Connection : PUR cable, standard length 3 metres
Cable entry : Cable gland PG13.5, brass, nickel plated
Daylight switch : Internally placed
Horizontal spread : 360 degrees
Vertical divergence : > 24 degrees
Max. intensity : Depending on setting
Visibility at T=0.74 : Depending on range setting
Voltage range : 12-30 volt DC
Protection class : IP66
Lantern mounting : 6 holes of 10 mm on a 265 mm pitch circle
Weight : 11 kg