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Windsock Type IWS

The IWS Windsock has no moving electrical parts. Swivelhead with internal PL energy saving lamp and a L-810 type obstruction light red, mounted on top of the pole. Pole made of Aluminium to reduce weigth with an lengte of max 7.2 meters total assembly. The IWS is made as per ICAO Annex 14 and ICAO Annex 14 vol II Heliports, FAA AC150/ 5345-27E., UK CAA CAP 168 and CAP 437 Junction box mounted on mast support lantern


Application : Windsock
Lengte : 7.2 meter total assembly
Pole material : Aluminium
Input voltage : 230Vac standard
Bearings : Stainless steel
Cable entry : 1x M25
Windsock material : polyester ±185 gr/m2, PU coated, UV protected, water repellent
Windsock diameter : 50cm – 100cm