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High intensity precision LED light

SL 100

The SL 100 high intensity precision sector light offers accurate guidance from a single site location. The arc of the white sector determines the range of the light. The red and green sectors can be adjusted. A supplementary coding system for flashing boundaries is available. Levelling and aligning can be made with a riflescope for which attachment provisions are made.

As different types of condenser systems can make the desired divergence angle, every SL 100 sector light may be customised to suit specific requirements. A GPS signal based synchronisation is available.


Application : Port entrance leading light
Optics : Condenser type
Colour filters : Glass adjustable
Surface treatment : 2 layers of polyurethane coating in white
Heat filter : Glass
Base material : Stainless steel
LED type : High intensity, red, green, yellow and white
Life expectancy : Approx. 100,000 hours
Flasher : 256 pre-programmed IALA flash codes
Daylight switch : Integrated
Flashing boundaries : Optional
Power supply : 12-30 volts DC, 230volts AC
Connection : Screw terminal
Cable entry : Cable gland PG 13.5
Horizontal divergence : Depending on optics, from 3.5-25 degrees
Vertical adjustment : Approx. 10 degrees
Azimuth adjustment : Approx. 10 degrees
Intensity : Depending on lamp type and subtense, max. 610,000 candela
Weight : 25-100 kg, depending on subtense angle