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Self contained solar powered LED beacon


The SPB 3 is both versatile and cost-effective. This 1-3 mile LED beacon is compact, self-contained and available in red, green, amber and white. The light source is formed from one high intensity LED. The user-adjustable IALA flash characters and light output can be set according to visibility 1, 2 or 3 mile by means of a infra red remote control to change simple and fast a flash character or light output. The internally placed AGM battery is user-replaceable. The SPB3 is sealed and completely waterproof (IP68).


Application : LED solar powered beacon
Material : Injection mold –UV-stabilised
LED type : High intensity single led optic, red, green, yellow white and blue
Colour chromacity : Meets IALA specifications
Flasher : Charge regulator function. user-adjustable IALA flash characters
Range at T = 0.74 : 1-3 nautical miles
Solar Panel : 4pcs 1.1 watt each
Battery : 6Vdc – 4Ah placed within the housing, user-replaceable
Autonomy (days) : 72 ( 20% duty cycle)
Mounting : 3 or 4-hole on 150mm PCD or 2 hole on 128mm PCD
Weight : 2Kg
IP : IP68