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Offshore LED floodlight

AL 650

The AL 650 is suitable for lighting objects that cannot be easily located, such as offshore wind farms. The light source comes in two versions (100 or 30 degrees beam angle). The LEDs are powered by an automatic regulating current source with reverse polarity protection. LEDs and electronics are moulded in an epoxy compound.

Light output can be factory set. The floodlight can be supplied with integrated daylight sensor: turning on the light at dusk and off at dawn. Low power consumption means the floodlight is suitable for solar powered systems. No lamp changes are required. Maintenance costs are a fraction compared to lamp based floodlights.


Application : LED floodlight
Housing : ABS
LED type : High intensity
Power consumption : At max. light, output is 8 watt
Supply voltage : 12-30 volt DC or 230 volt AC
Cable entry : PG 13.5 cable gland
Cable length : Polyurethane power supply cable, 6 metre standard length
Light output : > 1,000 lumen