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Self contained solar powered LED beacon

SPB 30

The SPB 40 is both versatile and cost-effective. This three-mile LED beacon is compact, self- contained and available in red, green, amber and white. The light source is formed from high intensity LEDs. Output can be set according to visibility. The beacon can be synchronised via the ITO sync GPS receiver and is designed to operate without servicing/maintenance for up to five years. Charge characteristics in dark conditions are superb.

Due to its compactness, the beacon is especially suited for regions with low sun irradiation. Compared to conventional lanterns, this beacon has large vertical divergence, good emitted light intensity, LED long life expectancy and high reliability.


Application : LED solar powered beacon
Material : Self-coloured polyethylene, Color Grey and ALU almg3
LED Colour chromacity : Meets IALA specifications
Flasher : Charge regulator function. Infrared remote control can set any of the 235 pre- programmed IALA flash codes. Daylight sensor can be field set.
Electrical parameters : Battery voltage and day/night switching point can be read
Battery : 12 amp – 12Vdc AGM type, placed within the housing
Solar Panel : 4pcs integrated 3 watt solar panel generators
Range : at T = 0.74 up to 5NM Nautical miles and 6NM @ T=0.85
Weight : 9kg with a 12Ah battery